Personal Injury & Accidents

You deserve to be treated with compassion and respect when you have been injured. At the law office of Erick V Ladson pllc we focus on getting you treated medically while still giving you that personal service.  We advocate  on your behalf to hold the responsible party for your injuries.  We advocate and litigate against these defendants when necessary to see that you are justly compensated.  We handle slip and falls, trip and falls, product liability, construction accidents, automobile accidents, and other negligent actions.

Auto Accidents

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You've found yourself in an auto accident;  you're injured, can't work and your car needs to be repaired.  At the Law office of Erick V Ladson pllc we know what you're going thru and what you need. You need for us to take the burden off of you and hold the responsible parties accountable. We have years of experience advocating for injured persons. At our Firm we treat you with the respect and understanding. We go after the offending party and make sure they account for your injuries and suffering. We make the guilty bring you back to being whole.